Waitrose & Partners Weekend Issue 628

ADVERT I SEMENT FEATURE No knead to BAKE It’s hard to beat the wonderful aromas of freshly baked bread and pastries – so follow your nose to discover the delights awaiting you at Waitrose Waitrose & Partners San Francisco Style Sourdough £2.40/each An artisan San Francisco-style loaf made with wheat and rye. Waitrose & Partners Light Rye Boule £2.30/each Made from wheat and rye ours and topped with crunchy oats. Waitrose & Partners Brown San Francisco Style Sourdough Boule £2.40/each A San Francisco levain adds depth of avour to this wholemeal wheat our loaf. Waitrose & Partners Malted Mixed Seeds Bloomer £2.30/each With a mix of four seeds to give an extra tasty avour and nutty texture.