Waitrose & Partners Weekend Issue 628

33 8 DECEMBER 2022 Fig & tahini tiramisu I’ve loved the combination of coffee and rose water ever since I tried it in an éclair. I wanted to bring that uniquely bold pairing to light with a tiramisu containing evenmore complementary flavours of bitter tahini and chewy figs Serves 10 Prepare 20 minutes + chilling 300ml tub double cream 250g mascarpone 125g Cooks’ Ingredients Tahini 3 British Blacktail Free Range Large Eggs, separated 75g caster sugar 200ml freshly brewed strong co ee 2 tbsp rose water 4 tbsp Marsala, sherry or dark rum (optional but worth it) 2 x 200g packs g rolls 150g Cooks’ Ingredients Sponge Fingers 60g Bournville Classic Dark Chocolate 1 Line a deep, 20cm square cake tin with baking parchment. Put the cream into a mixing bowl and whisk by hand, or with an electric hand mixer, until it holds its shape – don’t whisk too much or it will start to split. Beat the mascarpone and tahini together in another bowl, then fold into the cream with a large metal spoon or spatula. 2 Clean out the bowl used for the mascarpone, then add the egg yolks and sugar and whisk until pale and u y. Carefully fold into the cream mixture. 3 Clean the bowl out again – making sure the bowl and the whisk are completely clean – and whisk the egg whites to sti peaks. Fold those into the mixture and set to one side. 4 Put the co ee, rose water and alcohol (if using) into a shallow bowl. Dip the g rolls into the co ee mixture, leave for 5-10 seconds, or until just turning soft, then line them up on the base of the cake tin. Top with ½ the mascarpone mixture, then repeat the dipping process with the sponge ngers, dunking for no longer than a couple of seconds. Don’t worry if you have some co ee mixture leftover. Finish with the remaining mascarpone mixture and nely grate the chocolate over the top. Refrigerate to rm up – ideally overnight, but 5 hours should just about do it. V Per serving 2605kJ/625kcals/40g fat/20g saturated fat/54g carbs/30g sugars/2.7g bre/10g protein/0.4g salt of the dish with the pastry and leave the excess hanging over the edges. Fill the pie with the cooled chicken lling. 5 Make the stu ng according to pack instructions and mix the cranberries into it. Blob tablespoons of the stu ng onto the lling. Roll out the remaining pastry to a circle, about 28cm in diameter, and cut into 2cm strips, wide and long enough to t across the top of the pie. Brush the lip of the pie with a little of the egg yolk to help the pastry to stick. Arrange these in a lattice pattern on top of the stu ng. 6 Trim the excess pastry and crimp the edges, then glaze the lattice with egg yolk. Bake for 35-40 minutes, until golden brown and piping hot. Serve with seasonal green vegetables. Per serving 2670kJ/640kcals/39g fat/21g saturated fat/ 44g carbs/11g sugars/3.4g bre/24g protein/0.9g salt Photographs: Ant Duncan, Food styling: Joss Herd, Styling: Wei Tang