Waitrose & Partners Weekend Issue 627

45 1 DECEMBER 2022 Weekending Rise and shine or lie-in? Rise and shine. I put the blinds up straightaway and let daylight in – Amelia is never too pleased about that. She likes mornings a little slower, and I’m more like: “Hello, world!” Breakfast or brunch? Breakfast. A ham and cheese omelette is my thing, and Amelia always makes me this green tea vitamin boost drink, which is quite nice. If I had a co ee in the morning I’d be a nightmare. Relaxing or raring to go? Saturday is our independent day. She does her thing, I do mine, and we meet in the middle at the end. I’ll have physio in the morning [following knee surgery], then watch football or see friends. Sunday is more our day. We have breakfast together, take the dog for a walk and get a roast dinner. Pub grub or restaurant? Pub grub, especially e Dog & Pickle in Moreton, Essex. ey do this whipped Marmite butter that you dunk your bread in – it’s unbelievable. And on a Sunday their roast dinner is absolutely sensational. e quality of the meat, the roast potatoes... Honestly, it’s making my mouth water. Christmas – ho, ho, ho or bah, humbug? I absolutely love it, and now I’ve got someone special to share it with, it’s lovely. I have two Christmasses – one I spend with my family in Essex, while Amelia goes to her family in Plymouth, then we have our own Christmas Day together. Is your new album, MarryMe, about Amelia? She de nitely inspired the majority of the songs, and it was nice to feel like we were going into the studio with a purpose. I haven’t felt like that in a long time. e album’s amazing – it’s full of good, fun pop songs. Cook from scratch or buy it in? If Amelia’s lucky, she might get a dinner from scratch, but that’s not o en. I do a nice sweet and sour chicken. I love a Chinese takeaway, and always wanted to know what was in sweet and sour sauce. I didn’t realise that tomato ketchup is a big part of it. Dinner party: host or attend? I’ve got quite a hosty house, but then everyone leaves and you’ve got to clean everything up. So if Amelia’s there to help me I’ll host, but if she’s not, then I’m going round someone else’s house! Cinema or boxset? When there’s a great lm out, we would de nitely go to the cinema, get loads of sweets and chocolate and pig out. But I’m happy staying at home. Amelia’s got me watching Made in Chelsea, and we were obsessed with Bake O . We’d save it to watch on the following Sunday to follow the theme – so for Pastry Week, she made a pie to eat while we watched it. Early night or up all night? Early night, now. Obviously we have the odd night out, but it’s nice to get into bed together and just watch TV. It’s soppy, really. When I hear myself like this, I think: “What am I talking about?” I used to be night out, late night, takeaway... But I love it. I’m very happy. MarryMe by OllyMurs is out tomorrow (2 December). Interview: EmmaHigginbotham THE FOOD FACTOR A Sunday roast from The Dog & Pickle (below); Olly is a fan of sweet and sour chicken (bottom); with Amelia (bottom left) OLLY MURS Myweekend The singer-songwriter and TV presenter, 38, lives in Essex with his fiancée, Amelia Tank, and their dog, Missy Photography: Edward Cooke, David William Smith, Karwai Tang/WireImage