Waitrose & Partners Weekend Issue 627

39 1 DECEMBER 2022 Weekending Mince pies have been an integral part of Christmas for centuries – but not always in the familiar formwemight recognise today. “In Tudor times, they were normally about one-thirdmeat,” food historian Dr Annie Gray told Weekend last year. “There were even fish-basedminced pies, made to be eaten on fasting days such as Fridays and Sundays.” These days, the onlymeaty content you’re likely to encounter in amince pie is suet – and even that is often EYES ON THE PIES What’s hot absent, making them suitable for vegetarians. One such isWaitrose No.1 Brown ButterMince Pies with Cognac (above), available in packs of six. Made with a rich, nutty browned butter pastry, around a filling of vine fruits, apricots, glacé cherries and almonds, all laced with Cognac, they’re wonderful served warm– with a dollop of brandy-infused cream. But don’t take our word for it – they came top overall for 2022 in a Best Buy Taste Test conducted by experts at consumer organisation Which? The judges were impressed by their “classic, understated appearance” and the “buttery aroma with a great balance of sweetness, warmth from the brandy... and a citrussy aftertaste that won’t disappoint”. No.1 Brown ButterMince Pies with Cognac, £3.50/6s or 2 for £4 (o er ends 12 December)