Waitrose & Partners Weekend Issue 617

22 SEPTEMBER 2022 47 Weekending BERNARDINE EVARISTO MyWeekend The Booker Prize-winning author, 63, lives inWest London with her husband, writer David Shannon. Her memoir, Manifesto: OnNever Giving Up, is out in paperback this week Up with the lark or lie-in? I wake up at the same time as during the week, anything from 5-7am. I don’t know how to have a lie-in anymore. I needmy co ee to kickstart the day, somy perfect weekendmorning is strong co ee and the internet. Andmy husband! Breakfast or brunch? Breakfast –my own version of muesli, which is raw oats, nuts, seeds and various fruits with goat’s milk yogurt. I’ve probably had that as breakfast for about two decades. Productive or lazy? My weekdays blur into the weekends, because I’malways working. I juggle lots of di erent things – I write, I tour, I judge prizes, andmy life involves a lot of admin, especially but then at the weekends, we’ll take it in turns cooking and eat together. Cultural fix or weekend walk? My whole life is a cultural fix – I go to galleries, exhibitions, films – andmy husband and I go for walks every day. On a weekend, we’ll maybe go for two afternoon walks. It’s for exercise, number one, but it’s also a chance to chat without any distractions. Town or countryside? In an ideal world, I’d be by the sea – I’ve got family in Margate, Ramsgate and Broadstairs. I like the infinity of looking out at water. I can dreamby the sea. Pub grub or fancy restaurant? I don’t really like pub grub, so a fancy restaurant for sure. Somebody tookme to The Ritz the other day, which was really lovely. That makes it sound like that’s my lifestyle, and it’s not! Cecconi’s is good, and I belong to SohoHouse and eat there a lot – I really like their food. Dinner party: host or attend? I like hosting, but my dinner parties recently have been pizza and salad, because otherwise it’s work and you don’t have time to talk to people. Most of my friends don’t care, so I’ll pre-prepare a salad, order the pizza when we’re ready, then we’ll chow down. Physical book, e-reader or audiobook? Physical book, but I’ve just discovered audiobooks and really enjoyed Viola Davis reciting her memoir, FindingMe. I couldn’t get enough of it. Early night or up all night? Early night. That’s such an old thing to say! But I likemy sleep. I like to be refreshed in themorning. Interview: EmmaHigginbotham ‘In an ideal world, I’d be by the sea. I like the infinity of looking out at water’ food fix The courtyard bar at Soho House in London’s Greek Street (below); Cecconi’s tagliolini and black tru e (bottom) replying to emails. At the weekend, I know that I don’t have to reply until Monday, but that doesn’t stopme. Why did you write Manifesto? I wanted it to be inspirational, for people to know that you can be doing something for a very long time before you break through. A lot of people think that if things don’t happen instantly, they have somehow failed. I wanted to show that it can happen later in life, and not to be disillusioned and give up. Cook from scratch or buy it in? I’ma really boring cook. Mymainmeal is stir fry, or maybe sticking fish in the oven and having it with salad or green vegetables. My husband and I eat separately during the week, Photography: David Levenson/Getty Images, © Soho House, © Soho House/Justin De Souza