Waitrose & Partners Weekend Issue 617

43 22 SEPTEMBER 2022 Weekending If you thought umami was just about Marmite on your toast, a splash of soy sauce on a bowl of noodles or amushroom risotto showered in parmesan, then think again. With the continued popularity of Japanese cuisine, umami-rich ingredients such as miso, koji and XO sauce, are on the rise. Look out for newCooks’ Ingredients products, including Vegan Shio Koji, a fermented koji rice sauce. A close relative of miso, it is a perfect marinade for salmon, vegetables, poultry or meat. UMAMI 2.0 What’s hot “It’s so versatile,” says Partner andWaitrose innovationmanager Lizzie Conlon. “Use it to lift the flavour of a salad dressing or stir fry, or as a marinade for wedges of hispi cabbage before grilling.” And don’t reserve umami just for savoury dishes. Reach for Cooks’ IngredientsWhiteMiso Paste when baking brownies. “It’s an amazing product, cuts right through the sweetness of this classic bake and adds layers of complex flavour,” says Lizzie. “You won’t look back!” confection perfection Add 50-60g white miso paste to a chocolate brownie recipe for a savoury note that cuts through the sweetness Words: Tessa Allingham, Photography: Mowie Kay, Food styling: Troy Willis, Styling: Tony Hutchinson