Waitrose & Partners Weekend Issue 617

22 SEPTEMBER 2022 42 Wine list Food&Drink THE £4.99 WINE A blend of traditional Italian red grape varieties – Negroamaro, Primitivo and Sangiovese – packed with dark red fruit notes, a twist of herbs and a deep streak of liquorice. Great with chargrilled meats or stews packed with root vegetables, mushrooms and herbs. Made from Chardonnay blended with smaller quantities of Sémillon, Vermentino, Sauvignon Blanc, Riesling, Colombard and Palomino. Light bodied and fruity, with zingy pineapple and peach avours; great on its own or with salads, sh or chicken. WHY BUY BAG-IN-BOX WINE? Bag-in-box wine is becoming more popular, and Partner Barry Dick, theWaitrose expert on this format, says there are two good reasons for that – its carbon footprint and waste. According to a Finnish study, drinking bag-in-box wine generates 10 times less carbon than a single use glass bottle. “Bag-in-box is lighter than glass bottles, and because of the shape, more efficient to transport,” Barry says. “The box is easier to recycle than glass too. When you pour from bag-in-box, the vacuum tap means much less air gets in, compared to opening a bottle. So the wine stays fresh for up to six weeks, and you’re much less likely to throw any of it down the sink.” A rosé made from 100% Garnacha grapes by three of the region’s most progressive cellars, who produce excellent, easy-to-drink wines. Dry, with an attractive strawberry character, it’s good on its own or with tapas. We’ve launched some of the range in a bag-in-box format too, so it’s easy to enjoy a glass now and then. This bright, fruity, easy-drinking red is sourced and blended to emphasise the ripeness of succulent sun-drenched Central Valley grapes. We conducted some customer research 10 years ago and discovered a surprising fact – people thought we only sold upmarket wines at prices north of £15. It wasn’t true we didn’t have to spend a lot onmarketing – when we put our name on the bottle, you knowwe’re proud of the wine. And third, we’ve looked again at the range every year, so we always go where there’s good value. It’s gone from strength to strength, and now, more than ever, it’s a great value option when you want a glass of something delicious to go with your midweekmeal. WAITROSE WINES, DELIVERED TO YOUR DOOR For an even wider choice of wines and spirits than you’ll nd in our stores, order from waitrosecellar.com. You can buy single bottles, compile your own case of wine or choose from cases put together by our experts, including monthly special o ers. Collect your order from a Waitrose store, or have it delivered direct to you. PIERPAOLO PETRASSI Partner & Master of Wine Canwines costing less than £5 a bottle be a good buy? Definitely, says our expert then and it isn’t now, but it gave us the idea to see if we could create a wine range that would sell at just under £5, represent a wide range of styles and –most importantly – be good enough for us to put our name on it. How did we do it? First, smart buying. We went to parts of the world where the quality is good, but economies of scale lend themselves to lower prices. Second, we kept the packaging simple, and unlike brands, Selected stores Waitrose Rich Intense ItalianRed £4.99/75cl Waitrose Fruity Fresh Australian White £4.99/75cl Waitrose Ripe Juicy SpanishRosé £4.99/75cl Waitrose Soft Juicy ChileanRed £14.95/2.25L S CAN THI S CODE TO S HOP THE WI NE S