Waitrose & Partners Weekend Issue 613

18 AUGUST 202 2 21 First Bites FOOD&DRINK British greengage season is in full swing now. An ancient variety of green plum, its honeyed, åorally fragranced and succulent åesh can be enjoyed raw, or cooked as you would with plums. It’s also high in pectin (the naturally occurring starch that makes jams set. This, plus its relatively short season, means it’s popular with preservers. So why not make up a batch of jam and enjoy greengages all year round? Photography: Greatest Hits Radio, merc67/ Getty Images MASTER OF WINE PI ERPAOLO PETRASS I WHAT’ S HOT Greengages 24 Hours on a Plate Jackie Brambles “I got up at 7ambut, as usual, I didn’t eat anything until my children left for school at 8.15am. Then I had a 15-minute window before work, so I hadmy standard breakfast of a bagel with peanut butter, with a large mug of soy latte. (I had a couplemore during the day, with some, but not enough, water.) “After breakfast, I went to work with my producer. We work remotely, me at my home studio and him in Liverpool, to put together that evening’s show. We started with a conflab about the day ahead, then I did an interviewwith Bryan Adams. That’s the nice part of my new job with Greatest Hits Radio –most of the people I talk to are artists I met when we were both starting out a long time ago. “For lunch, I had soup. I was brought up in Scotland and we’re big on soup there. I make a huge pot once a week. This was made with hamhock, fresh veg and red lentils, which I had with bread. The children had a bowl each when they got in from school. They’re both hungry teenagers and you can’t get any sense out of themuntil they’ve had their pre-dinner dinner! “Soup aside, I’mnot a keen cook. I cook because I’ve got a family to feed andmy repertoire is pretty basic – lasagnes, curries, fajitas. So I made thisMexican chicken, rice and chorizo dish that they like and the four of us sat down together. “I don’t snackmuch, thoughmy husband and I did share some cheese and biscuits in the evening. We’re both from the Isle of Arran, so we like a bit of Arran cheese with oatcakes. We had this with some pink nonalcoholic Prosecco. “There are some great non-alcoholic drinks available now and, while I might have a glass or two of the real thing at weekends, I won’t during the week.” Jackie presents The Evening Show from Monday to Thursday on Greatest Hits Radio Visit waitrosecellar.com for the full range of wines, offers and expert advice, including Pierpaolo’s recommendations. Use the Click & Collect service – free for orders over £100. With picnics and outdoor parties in mind, my picks this week all come in what the wine trade calls ‘alternative formats’ – in other words, not glass bottles. Bag in box will be familiar, but forget its old association with cheap wine – there are some very good quality wines available in boxes now. As well as being lighter and easier to carry than bottles, its other advantage is that it keeps wine fresh for weeks. The inner bag deåates as wine is used, so there’s no room for the air that, in a half-full bottle, starts oxidising the wine. Along with pouches and cans, they’re particularly useful if you’re going to an event that doesn’t allow full glass bottles. BIJOU LE CHIC GRENACHE PAYS D’OC ROSÉ 20% OFF £13.59/1.5L (was £16.99, offer ends 30 August) This pale dry rosé is made from Grenache grapes grown among the garrigue herbs of the South of France. Notes of wild strawberries, citrus and white åowers pair well with salads and all sorts of Mediterranean and Asian cuisine. Great value and easy to store in the fridge for impromptu parties. IGO ORGANIC WHITE WINE £3.99/25cl Crafted from organic white Grenache grapes, hand-picked from vibrant, young vines in Artazu, Navarra, Northern Spain. This wine shows deliciously refreshing aromas of lime zest, white peach and juicy pear, which go beautifully with spicy åavours. The lightweight, ecofriendly cans are ideal for alfresco dining. SAN LEO PROSECCO VINO SPUMANTE BRUT £2.99/20cl Prosecco’s aromatic bouquet, fresh, fruity åavour and gentle mousse make it an ideal apéritif for parties and celebrations, and these mini bottles are great for special get-togethers. WAITROSE RICH INTENSE ITALIAN RED £14.95/2.25L A blend of traditional Italian red grape varieties, packed with dark red fruit notes, a twist of herbs and a deep streak of liquorice. Full of character and spot-on for chargrilled meats, it will last for weeks after opening. TUNE IN Listen to Virgin Radio’s Graham Norton Show with Waitrose on Saturdays and Sundays from 9.30am to 12:30pm, as chef and Weekend columnist Martha Collison cooks Waitrose recipes, including cheese & bacon Hasselback potato bake. waitrose.com/ showchef KATE OVERY, PARTNER & NUTRITIONIST, SAYS… Starchy carbs should make up a third of the food we eat, so it’s great that you’ve included a good variety – opt for high-fibre versions, where possible. Try to incorporate more fruit and veg across the day – add a banana to your morning bagel, serve dinner with steamed greens, or replace one of your co ees with a glass of water and an apple. Be mindful of sugar in fizzy drinks. Try flavouring water with lemon or herbal teas for weeknight evenings. 3/5 The radio DJ’s home life is divided between preparing her new show and feeding her hungry family