Waitrose & Partners Weekend Issue 611

4 AUGUST 2022 AUSTRAL I AN & NEW ZEAL AND WINE ADVERT I S ING PROMOT ION | 5 WHY IT HAS TO BE SCREW TOP For centuries, wine bottles were sealed with corks, but in the 70s a small number of producers began experimenting with screw tops to avoid the risk of wines being spoiled by cork taint. Many Old World wine-producing countries stuck resolutely with cork but, more than 20 years ago, Australia and New Zealand, producers took the lead and embraced the trend for screw tops. Now, 90% of New Zealand’s wines are sealed this way. Australians haven’t embraced screw tops quite as fully – 30% of their wines still have corks. T wenty-five years ago, Bird in Hand founders Andrew and Susie Nugent (above) came across a dairy farm in the up-and-coming Adelaide Hills wine region of South Australia. Andrew had grown up near vineyards, picking grapes as a student, and he spotted the land’s potential for vines. They’ve gone on to win countless awards since, including being the first Australian winery to win Sauvignon Blanc of the Year at the Winestate Awards back in 2017. “What I love about winemaking is the aspirational side,” says Andrew. “The combination of agriculture, science and art – the ability to be creative while pursuing quality and excellence.” This philosophy extends to the Bird in Hand Foundation, created in 2014 to support a number of great initiatives with a focus on inspiring young people to realise their dreams through the arts and education. The company also has a strong commitment to sustainability. “We encourage biodiversity, bringing back native grasses under vine and a healthy population of insects, making every effort to look after our green Adelaide Hills. “For us, wine opens doors to other worlds. It brings people together to share wonderful moments and create menories. We like to think that we’re giving the world a taste of the good life – and the world seems to agree!” BIRD IN HAND Bird in Hand Sparkling 25% off £11.99/75cl (was £15.99) (bin 480557) From a top-quality producer based in the Adelaide Hills, this fabulous sparkler is the perfect choice for an apéritif, with floral notes and hints of fresh strawberry and citrus blossom on the nose. Light and delicate, it’s made exclusively from Pinot Noir grapes and is lively on the palate with red-fruit flavours. A joyful party in a glass. MEET THE PRODUCER AUSTRAL IAN WINE . . . Mad Fish Sauvignon Blanc Offer £6.99/75cl (was £8.99) (bin 715694) This fabulously crisp white is from Western Australia, where the relatively cooler climate suits the aromatic Sauvignon Blanc grape. There’s a classic gooseberry twist to the wine, together with a gorgeous streak of lime. Yering Station The Elms Chardonnay £10.49/75cl (bin 607660) A classic Chardonnay produced at Yering Station, Victoria’s first vineyard planted in 1838. The 2021 vintage was outstanding and this wine is gloriously vibrant and full-bodied, with orchard stone-fruit flavours and citrus notes. Houghton Heritage White 25% off £8.99/75cl (was £11.99) (bin 498984) Another great white from Western Australia, this is made from a lovely cocktail of grapes including Chenin Blanc, Muscadelle, Verdelho, Chardonnay and Pinot Grigio, each bringing something different to the end result. And all deliciously put together by winemaker Courtney Treacher. Yalumba Organic Viognier £9.99/75cl (bin 33097) Made by Australia’s oldest family owned winery, Yalumba in South Australia has been creating organic wines since 2005. This was the first, made from their speciality grape Viognier. A peachy dream, perfect with gently spicy dishes. Little Giant Chardonnay £12.99/75cl (bin 618084) This fresh citrus and peach-flavoured Chardonnay is an excellent wine from the Adelaide Hills. And with its unusual-shaped bottle and the wombat on the front, it’s hard to miss. WHITES