Waitrose & Partners Weekend Issue 584

6 | NO & LOW ADVERT I S ING PROMOT ION 13 J ANUARY 2022 SPOTL IGHT ON. . . BEER Now how do they do that? Beer producers have been really successful at creating low-alcohol products, winemakers traditionally less so. So what’s the difference? When it comes to no & low, brewers are leading the way. See if you can tell the difference There are two ways to lower the alcohol content in a drink: you can either adapt your production methods to produce something that’s naturally low-alcohol in the first place, or ferment the drink to full strength and then take out the alcohol. Winemakers tend to do the latter because it works better with sugar-rich grapes, but brewers are increasingly choosing to embrace both ways. We compare the di erent methods... WINE Fermented from grapes to a strength typically between 11% and 14% ABV. Winemakers have several options to choose from when it comes to making lower-alcohol wines. Harvest earlier The less ripe a grape is, the less sugar there is to turn into alcohol. Prune differently Pruning methods can be used to stunt the vine’s sugar-making abilities. Halt fermentation early Stopping fermentation before all the sugar has been turned to alcohol will produce a sweeter, lower-alcohol wine. De-alcoholise the wine after fermentation The alcohol is removed after fermentation, either by vacuum distillation or reverse osmosis. BEER Fermented from cereals to a strength typically between 4% and 7% ABV. Like winemakers, brewers have several options at their disposal. Use a different raw material Some cereals, such as rice and maize, contain less fermentable sugars, so they produce a beer that’s naturally lower in alcohol. Change the yeast strain Some yeast strains can only produce low amounts of alcohol or can’t ferment certain sugars. Halt fermentation early Stopping fermentation before all the sugar has been turned to alcohol will produce a sweeter, lower-alcohol beer. Dilute or de-alcoholise The brewer can either dilute the beer after fermentation and re-carbonate, or de-alcoholise by using either vacuum distillation or reverse osmosis. 1 2 3 4 Some of the most exciting innovations in the no & low world are happening in beer. And they’re not just confined to lager either. Stout drinker, real ale fan or just love a cool, crisp Pilsner? You can now enjoy low-alcohol and alcohol-free versions of your favourite brands – so you definitely won’t feel like you’re missing out. 1 Brooklyn Special Effects Offer £4/4x330ml (was £4.50) Brewed in Brooklyn from dark-roasted Munich malts, this lager has a bready sweetness, deep colour and satisfyingly citrussy, hoppy finish. ABV 0.4% 2 Small Beer Lager* £2.15/350ml or 2 for £4 Craft beer fans will delight in this characterful lager from Bermondsey, London, which marries stone-fruit and citrus characters with that all-important hoppy bite. ABV 2.1% 3 Peroni Libera Offer £4/4x330ml (was £4.50) Triple-hopped and brewed from Nostrano dell’Isola maize just like the flagship Peroni, this is refreshing and delicately fruity with a fine bitterness. ABV 0.0% 4 Birra Moretti Zero* Offer £4/4x330ml (was £4.50) A fresh, crisp and beautifully balanced version of Italy’s much-loved Birra Moretti. It has all of the heritage, but none of the alcohol. ABV 0.0% 5 Erdinger Weissbrau Offer £1/500ml (was £1.30) Generations of brewing know-how have gone into creating this alcohol-free fusion of spicy malt notes, gentle sweetness and lively hoppy acidity. ABV 0.0% 6 San Miguel 0.0% Offer £3/4x330ml (was £3.50) This Spanish Pilsner-style, alcohol-free lager blends rounded cereal characters and creamy foam with darker roasty malt notes. The finish is refreshingly bittersweet. ABV 0.0% 7 Heineken Zero £4.59/6x330ml This ground-breaking alcohol-free lager is light-bodied but full of flavour, with sweet malty notes and a crisp finish. Really thirst-quenching. ABV 0.0% 8 FreeDamm Offer £3.50/4x330ml (was £4) A lively, light amber beer with fine bubbles and an intense hoppy aroma. The taste is smooth, but full of character. ABV 0.0% 9 Guinness Draught 0.0 Offer £4/4x440ml (was £4.50) Brewed using cold filtration, this has all the rich, malty sweetness and roasty bitter notes of classic Guinness, but it’s completely alcohol-free. ABV 0.0% *Selected stores