Waitrose & Partners Weekend Issue 584

4 | NO & LOW ADVERT I S ING PROMOT ION 13 J ANUARY 2022 THE GREAT SPIRIT SWAP There are more alcohol-free ‘spirits’ than ever, but how do you use them in classic cocktails? Here are some of our favourites You’ve no doubt come across alcohol-free ‘spirits’ that look and taste like gin – but did you know there are now zero and ultra-low ABV options for rum lovers, spritz fans and cocktail aficionados too? Crafted with the same care as their alcoholic cousins, and flavoured with an array of natural botanicals, these spirited lookalikes open up all kinds of possibilities for no & low mixing. So much more than just an alcohol-free G&T... 2 3 Seedlip Garden 108 Offer £23.50/70cl (was £26.50) A refreshing, åoral blend of botanicals including peas, mint, hops and hay, inspired by the English countryside. Serve with tonic water or soda and garnish with a sprig of fresh mint. ABV 0.0% Try themwith... 1 2 HOW TO KEEP IT LOW. . . LORRAINE CANDY Author and podcaster, hosts @postcardsfrommidlife with Trish Halpin “My tipwould be to not drinkwhen you go out! I know that sounds bizarre, but I find if I go to an event or a dinner party then being out and staying up late combinedwith a fewglasses of wine ruins the next day forme. So I savemy units for Friday or Saturday night at home when I have amartini and fancy nibbles – high-end crisps as my teenage son calls them.” That’s a familiar face... Like to stick with what you know? Then there’s good news in the no & low aisle. Traditional gin brands are embracing the trend, so it’s time to reach for that tonic water Ceder’s Pink Rose* £18/50cl Set to be a big trend in 2022, hibiscus is one of the stars of this non-alcoholic apéritif, plus juniper and rose. Serve with tonic water, garnished with raspberries and mint. ABV 0.0% *Selected stores Sipsmith FreeGlider Offer £20/70cl (was £22.50) The craft distillery that kick-started the UK’s gin renaissance has created this alcohol-free answer to its much-loved London Dry Gin. Crisp, but beautifully balanced, FreeGlider blends juniper with notes of lemon tart and orange peel. Perfect with tonic and ice. Tanqueray 0.0% Offer £14/70cl (was £16) If you love making cocktails, but want to mix it up with a few mocktails midweek, Tanqueray 0.0% could be the answer. Juniper-forward and full of åavour, it’s tailor-made for mixing – try it with tonic or in a non-alcoholic martini. Gordon’s 0.0% Offer £12/70cl (was £14) Now you can enjoy an alcohol-free G&T any night of the week, thanks to this new zero-ABV expression from Gordon’s. Crafted, like the original gin, from only the änest distilled botanicals, it has all that classic Gordon’s taste, just without the alcohol.