Waitrose & Partners Weekend Issue 584

35 13 J ANUARY 202 2 Photography: Charlotte Patmore, Rose+Julien ltd, Bry Penny, Netåix, BBC/Two Brothers Pictures/Ian Routledge WATCH IT NOW Paul Kirkley A round-up of the week’s TV THE TOURIST BBC ONE/IPLAYER Cards on the table, the prospect of starting the new year with another drama fromHarry and JackWilliams, relentless purveyors of ludicrously overwrought ‘thrillers’ like Liar and Rellik, didn’t sound like the ideal antidote to the January blues. But it seems theWilliams boys have had a bit of an epiphany themselves, and the resulting change of gear – which feels heavily indebted to another sibling partnership, the Coen brothers – is 2022’s first unexpected TV treat. The Tourist opened with a shameless rip-o … sorry, loving homage to Steven Spielberg’s 1971 film Duel, in which Jamie Dornan’s nameless protagonist was run o the road by amenacing truck in the Australian Outback. Waking up in hospital, he had nomemory of who he was or where he’d been. He was a blank page – literally, as probationary constable Helen Chambers (DanielleMacdonald) discovered when she arrived to take some details, but didn’t have anything to write down. What follows is a quirky comedy thriller, in which Dornan sets out to piece together the jigsaw of his life and his potentially shady past – which seems to involve a trail of dead bodies – aided and abetted by Line of Duty’s ShalomBrune-Franklin as an ex-lover with her own closet full of rattling skeletons, while being pursued by the world’s weirdest detective and a sinister, whistling hitman with the look of a late-period OrsonWelles. Yes, it’s quite silly. I mean, amnesia? It’s the hoariest old plot magu n in the book. But it’s great fun, with a likeable cast of cranky eccentrics, decent gags and a satisfyingly twisty-turny central mystery. It’s visually stunning, too, the red dust and cracked earth of the Outback bringing a welcome blast of vitamin D to the January nights. It’sMacdonald who steals the show, though. As the beaten-downHelen, she’s gauche and sweet and vulnerable, but also brave and determined and resourceful – themouse that roared. If theWilliams brothers gave that boring French bloke from TheMissing his own spin-o , surely they can do the same for her? THE GREEN PLANET BBC ONE/IPLAYER Another year, another David Attenborough blockbuster. At 95, our most gilded national treasure shows no sign of slowing down, and while plants don’t quite have the wow factor of great whales or the aww factor of flu y penguins, stunning landscapes and incredible, cutting edge photography deliver plenty of jaw-droppingmoments. Plus, as ever, it’s a stark reminder of everything we stand to lose. TOAST OF TINSELTOWN BBC TWO/IPLAYER Hemay be on a new channel and in a new city – Steven Toast having finally landed his big Hollywood break – but Matt Berry’s badger-haired old ham is as monstrously conceited as ever in this new run of the cult comedy. Berry’s fruity baritone is naturally funny enough to paper over any cracks in the scripts, while cameos fromLarry David, Paul Rudd and evenHomer Simpson add to the surreal silliness. drawing a blank Jamie Dornan in The Tourist MAKE DO AND MEND WITH FLAIR If throwaway fashion’s on your avoid list this year, then one trend you can adopt with a clear conscience is visible mending – äxing wear and tear on clothes you love with statement patches or meant-to-show darning in colourful contrasting thread. Knitwear designer, maker and mender Flora Collingwood-Norris’ book Visible Creative Mending for Knitwear explains the techniques, and there are video tutorials on her website too. collingwoodnorrisdesign.com top tips Tap into podcasts to improve your finances with help from Catherine Morgan (above) and Bukiie Smart ( left) WATCH THE JOURNALIST Move over, Scandinavia. You’ve had the dark and twisty TV thriller slot to yourself for too long – now Japan is in the spotlight withNetflix’s eagerly awaited The Journalist (above). Adapted from the bestseller by Isoko Mochizuki, it’s about a reporter who uncovers a government corruption scandal that no one else wants to look too hard at, andmakes herself some powerful enemies in the process. The first of 10 episodes comes this week. Expect to be gripped from the start.