Waitrose and Partners Weekend Issue 579

51 25 NOVEMB ER 2021 Illustration: Daniel Mitchell CLARA AMFO Radio presenter The Meaning of Mariah Carey , by Mariah Carey with Michaela Angela Davis (Pan Macmillan) “As this is the festive season, my suggestion is this memoir from the queen of Christmas, Mariah Carey. It is a triumphant story detailing her tough childhood, her rise to success and how she really found her voice in the literal and spiritual sense. Mariah is very direct and has a great sense of humour, but also a beautiful empathy that jumps out of the pages. I plan to give the book tomy friend Nick Grimshaw. If you get a chance, get into the audiobook, too, for the singing parts alone.” Clara hosts BBCRadio 1’s Future Sounds, Monday-Thursday, 6-8pm ISA GUHA Commentator and former cricketer Sunåower Sisters by Monika Singh Gangotra, illustrated by Michaela Dias-Hayes (Owlet Press) “ Sunflower Sisters is a tale of two friends, Amrita and Kiki, fromdi erent backgrounds who come to appreciate each other’s di erences and find joy in one another’s communities and traditions. I will give this book tomy goddaughter as I think it is important for us all to remind ourselves of howwe can share pleasures in life and how uplifting that can be. This book reminds us that we don’t have to change to fit in and we should be embraced for who we are.” Isa covers The Ashes for the BBC this winter DAVID HAREWOOD Actor and presenter The Good Ally by Nova Reid (HarperCollins) “In what has been a tough time of conversations about mental health and race, I was initially dreading another conversation on stage, in this case at the National Theatre earlier this month. However, once I was sat with the brilliant author and activist Nova Reid, I foundmy energy had shifted for the better. I will be gifting Nova’s book The Good Ally to everyone this Christmas, as it contains brilliant and practical advice on how to navigate the important issues of our time concerning race and anti-racism. Nova talks about race alongside the importance of allyship in a way that is truly eye-opening and inspiring, but more importantlymakes sense. It’s a book for anyone who is open and willing to learn how about why we have systematic beliefs and what we’re willing to do to change them.” David is the narrator of Terry Pratchett’s The Abominable SnowBaby which airs this Christmas on Channel 4 and All 4 RACHEL ALLEN Cookery writer and TV chef The Power of Geography: Ten Maps that Reveal the Future of our World by Tim Marshall (Elliott & Thompson) “I’ve bought this for my husband Isaac and I know he’s going to love it. TimMarshall is a foreign a airs journalist and author and Isaac so enjoyed his other books, Worth Dying For and Prisoners of Geography . This is not somuch about geography, more a geopolitical exploration of the e ect that geographical positioning has had and will continue to have on countries, explaining how some have prospered and won wars, while others have su ered greatly and remain volatile. It discusses Australia, Iran, Saudi Arabia, the UK, Turkey, Greece, the Sahel, Ethiopia, Spain – and even Space. I might read it myself after Isaac’s finished!” Rachel’s cookbook Soup Broth Bread (Michael Joseph) is out now DAVID OLUSOGA Historian and presenter Wild Child by Dara McAnulty, illustrated by Barry Falls (Pan Macmillan) “I’d like to give this brilliant book by the young naturalist DaraMcAnulty to everyone this Christmas. My daughter and I really enjoyed reading it together. Dara’s passion for nature and the great outdoors is captivating andmakes you want to join himon a nature walk. We have learnt somany new things about animals and plants and he has taken big concepts, such as migration and life cycles, and presented them in a really accessible way for children to understand.” Black and British: An Illustrated History (Pan Macmillan) by David Olusoga, illustrated by Jake Alexander andMelleny Taylor, is out now BRIAN COX Actor Man’s Search for Meaning by Viktor E Frankl (Vintage) “This is a very important book for me, and I’ve gifted it to many people. Now it shall go tomy lovely American assistant, Mickey Abbate. Mickey has nursedme through some tough professional experiences and is also a hugely gifted writer with an equally huge caring heart. The book is all about logotherapy and how it developed – it is a philosophy that says human beings long to find purpose andmeaning in life. Absolutely fascinating.” Brian’s memoir Putting the Rabbit in the Hat (Quercus) is out now SUSIE DENT Lexicographer and presenter The Magician by Colm Tóibín (Penguin) “My first love was German, and ThomasMann became a favourite author duringmy time at school and university. In TheMagician , Colm Tóibínmajestically unwraps the brilliant and complexman behind those wonderful stories. This is a fictionalised biography, with a huge cast of intriguing – and often comical – cameos by the characters who populatedMann’s life. Behind it all looms the backdrop of war and its nightmares. But this is not a depressing book. Like its subject, TheMagician has a true sense of soul, and of beauty too. I loved it and I intend to give it tomymum, who has always unfailingly supportedmy love for Germany, and its language and literature.” Susie’s bookWord Perfect: Etymological Entertainment for Every Day of the Year (JohnMurray) is out now AML AMEEN Actor, writer and director Secrets of the Millionaire Mind by T Harv Eker (Little, Brown Book Group) “I’ve always loved this book. As someone who came from a working class background, it taught me somuch about the relationship between money and themind. It teaches you about your money blueprint – what your tendencies are likely to be towards money, based on your family and the things you saw and learned as a kid. My family oscillated between havingmoney and not having money, which has givenme a certain stability. I don’t overspend. But you can also apply the book’s philosophy to any part of your life – like are you a risk taker? I love books that work on themind. Anyone I really like, I end up gifting this book to. The last one was a supporting artist on a TV show I did called The Porter . I liked how she was thinking. She was fromZimbabwe, she had aspirations, so I gave her a copy of the book.” Aml directs and stars in Boxing Day, in cinemas from3 December